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The modern advanced management concepts, advanced foreign

manufacturing and checking equipment, Control and manage the tooling

process and quality.

Strong strength and quality

Customer service centered

Respect the customer, understand the customer and create value

for the customer. Put the heart and soul into the customer service,

speedingsolve technology problems for the customer.

Advanced and innovative technology

The team has excellent technical expert, who are responsible for

the development of low-pressure injection, 2K injection,highlight

gloss, INS/IMD,free sprayingand other advanced technology.

The spirit of wolf teamwork

A group of "people", a "thing",

a "heart", together "fighting", will "win".

Toyota-480B Sunroof

SGM-9BYB Inner Bracket

SAIC-SV73 Strip

Changan-S302 front bumper chrome trim

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About Us

Yancheng yaoqiang moulding technology co., LTD.

Is a professional company that develops,

manufactures and manages automobile plastic

mold. The company is leading the r&d and

manufacturing of automobile interior and exterior

decoration molds, automobile function parts molds,

two-color injection moulds and other series of

high-tech products. 

Technical Skills

Mold Technology Center

The R & D center has perfect design and development capabilities for automotive interior and exterior decoration parts,...

The toolingtechnology Center

unifies the technical and

technological standards used

in the production and...

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